Nuco has the capacity to solve your production needs.

Employee count:
350 employees, about 60 are office staff of which 5 are mechanical engineers, 3 electronical engineers and 2 quality engineers

Factory space:
About 19000m2 (from October -02)

International management:
Nuco's management team has long experience of manufacturing and doing business in USA, Europe and South-East Asia.

The headquarters and production facilities are located in Songgang town in ShenZhen, between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

ShenZhen is situated in the Guangdong province in the South of China. With just one hour to Hong Kong, Nuco benefits from the Chinese production costs and the infrastructure of the worlds biggest harbor.

Open book policy:
Building trust among all parties is Nuco's first priority. We operate an open-book policy. Nuco's discloses all it's expenses and gives you a complete breakdown of your costs.

World wide network:
Nuco has affiliates and partners worldwide. We arrange our activities so that you get the service you require.