Nuco started in 2001 with the founding idea of benefiting from the competitive Chinese production costs, Scandinavian product design and quality management. Everyone that deals with Nuco should win.

Nuco helps small and medium sized American and European companies to do business in China. We provide each customer with a personal contact in Nuco. We offer everyone a tailor-made procuring or marketing solutions. Many Scandinavian, British and American clients have found Nuco to be a valuable partner in China.

Nuco is bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western culture. Scandinavian investors, together with local businesspeople, founded Nuco. This mix of interest in Nuco gives us the unique character that is needed to help our customers in today's global trade.

The Nuco concept has proved to be very attractive. Nuco is expanding and is increasing its production capacity by moving into two new buildings and constantly recruiting more people.