The rewards of entering the China market can be considerable.

The sum of challenges created by the language barrier, cultural frustration, geographical distance and lack of experienced staff can be even more overwhelming. The preparation and choices you make before entering China determines the success of your investment.

We have the local market knowledge and internationally experienced professionals that help you overcome the challenges. We have the business tools you need for your market penetration.

Nuco can help you to:

Perform Market Research such as

Estimate customer demand
Find potential buyers
Identify your competitors
Perform Due Diligence
Find and evaluate distributors for your products
Find and evaluate joint-venture partner

Set up Representative Office

Handle legal issues
Find and hire staff
Support and educate your staff
Find suitable facilities
Minimize overhead by using Nuco's
Administration department

China consulting

Advise on market penetration method
Handle other issues that require local knowledge and presence