Why should I source and manufacture in China?
The production costs for labor-intensive products are a fraction of those in Western countries. At the same time the infrastructure and political stability are considerably better than in other countries with comparable cost-levels.

Why should I use Nuco to find my supplier instead of doing it myself?
Using Nuco saves you time and money.
First of all, Nuco's qualifying procedure guarantees that you find a credible supplier. Second, you need a personal and daily contact with the Chinese suppliers to ensure that you get what you want. Smaller and medium sized companies usually cannot afford their own representative in China, which is where Nuco bridges the gap. We look after your interests on location. Third, Nuco can use its total buying volume to leverage the price negotiation with the suppliers.

What differentiates Nuco from other China sourcing and consulting companies?
Nuco has a unique cross-cultural owner structure and management. Nuco's management has experience from working in Europe, USA and many parts of Asia. This combined with the local staff, gives Nuco the ability to make you competitive offers.

How do I know that I get the products I want at the right time, even with Nuco's help?
Problems do arise, no matter how good the plan. Nuco solves the problems for you. We assure that the products have the right quality and are delivered on time.

What is the scope of your sourcing services? Could you source anything for me?
Basically, yes. Though we deal with certain products on regular basis (see sourcing), we can find a supplier for almost any product.

How about your manufacturing services?
We can handle of all sorts of manual assembly. We also have punching and cutting machinery. We can easily add machinery and adapt our production to your needs.

Which products are especially well suited to source in China?
The Chinese manufacturing market is more competitive in some areas than others. Plastic tooling and metal parts are for example in great demand from our customers.

Other products that are produced in short series and that require human touch are usually cost-effective to source from China.