Sourcing is finding a supplier that will offer you the right products at the right time and the right price. Nuco can do it for you.

Nuco has a vast network of suppliers in Guangdong and the rest of China. We can find a supplier for almost any product. We are especially experienced in handling electronic components as well as plastic and metal parts and tooling. You only need to deal with us, although we are happy to introduce you to the manufacturer.

Bidding policy
We keep our suppliers as close to us as possible. This allows us to get to know the supplier better and allow for better communication of your needs. Nuco applies a strict policy of letting several suppliers bid for each order to ensure that you always get the right price.

Shipment inspection
It is usually a disaster to discover that the products are below standard when they arrive. Nuco inspects the products before the shipment leaves to ensure that you get the right products.

Qualifying procedure
Nuco only deals with credible suppliers. The supplier has to live up to Nuco's standards to participate in the bidding. Nuco physically inspects the facilities of each supplier to find out the whole story.

Quality Assurance
Nuco assures that you get the right products.

On-time delivery
Nuco assures that you receive the products in the right time.

Use Nuco's leverage
By using Nuco you can reap the benefits of a large multi-national company and get the service of a smaller company. We can use the leverage of our total buying volume in negotiating your order.